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right from your Android powered device! and for FREE. No server or expesive hardware costs. Our apps are 100% free!

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Forget about expensive, noisy mining equipment. We have got your back! Our apps let you mine on your Android device by simply clicking a button.

Speedy Mining

Our smart algorithms give you a decent speed to mine crypto currencies on your mobile device. All for FREE! No hidden costs.

Instant Payments

We usually pay our users the same day we receive withdrawal requests. Fast, instant and secure payments right to your digital wallet.

Huge potential

In a few years, you'd wish you had some amount of cryptos. Use our apps to mine some and hold them for future for maximum profits.

Cloud mining

Our apps do all the complex mining work in our clouds. You just have to click a button! Get started today or regret later!

How it works?

This video explains briefly what mining is and how it works.

Supported currencies

We currently support mining of following currenices

Bitcoin 10k GH/s
Bitcoin Cash Discontinued
Ethereum Discontinued
Litecoin Discontinued
Monero Cancelled
Dash Cancelled