Google Play Policies Update

Hello everyone. Unfortunately, Google has recently banned the mining of cryptocurrencies on devices. You can read about that policy here. Our team is actively working to be policy-compliant with Google play and stay put with our services. Here are a few points we would like to highlight.

  • We have permanently shut down Litecoin Miner as there was no way to make it compliance with Google play policies. All pending payouts will be released by 15th of August, 2018. [Update] We have processed all pending payments.
  • We will be releasing updates to all of our mining apps to make it compliance with Google play policies this week. [Update] We have released new versions of all of our apps.
  • We are going to put an end to offers completion from our BTC Miner app as it is not compliant with Google' play's program policies. If you have completed offers in the past, your points will not be removed.
  • We realize that there are a lot of pending payments on our system. We are going to release all payments starting this week.
  • There might be higher fees on withdrawals from now on.
  • We are going to take away tokens of all users that have not signed into our service for atleast once in last 90 days.
  • We are ending support for Android 4.x ( Kitkat) devices. Our apps will now only work on Android 5.0+
  • We understand that our team was not able to take all issues seriously. Also, our live chat app didn’t make much of a difference so we are killing it as well. We are now opening a new email support to cater all the issues. Our new support email address will be: One of our support representative will be at your disposal from Monday to Friday.
  • Please understand that we had to do these changes to be compliant with Google play otherwise they had to shut down our service. It is beyond our control. We apologize for the inconvenience this might have caused you.